General chat on non-martial arts talk such as wine, food, travel and so on.
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Here's a minor technical issue. Did you notice that if you type allwado.com as url in your browser, the browser comes up empty? The 'www' is mandatory. Personally, I find that slightly annoying. But it's no big deal. However, slightly annoying for many people adds up to a major annoyance. Moreover, it hurts your Google ranking. So it's a great idea if you want to keep this forum small and quiet. Else you might consider making a small change.
Generally, the www issue can be avoided by a setting at your hosting provider. I'm not a technician, so I don't know how it is called, but I'm sure your provider can fill you in. A flip of a digital switch is all that there is to it, and should redirect all traffic for allwado.com to www.allwado.com.
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I will put a redirect on the pure domain name to the www address. if you go to microsoft.com, bbc.co.uk, ibm.com they all redirect to the www. I will do likewise.... tomorrow.
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