How to make posts, upload images, YouTube and use this site

Guidance on how we should use these forums for the benefit of the group. If you register, you can also view further sections that have not been granted public access.
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How to make posts, upload images, YouTube and use this site

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This web forum works in the same way as most. You can create new topic threads and reply to other messages within existing threads.

Please bear in mind where a thread might drift away from the original topic it is usually better to start a new topic.

This forum also supports the uploading for files and images for others to download. Furthermore, for images you can also make them appear on the page, without having to put them onto a photo sharing site or your own personal web site and link across.

When you are posting a message, at the bottom of the screen you will see a series of tabs for Options | Upload attachment | Poll creation.

Click the Upload attachment tab, click on browse and select the file/image from your computer and then click the "Add the file" button.

Once you have uploaded the image, there is then a new section for the file and a button called "Place inline" should you wish it to be viewed right on the page. You can the move the attachment code around to where you want the image to appear.

There is a button for submitting YouTube videos. After clicking it, you just need to paste in the web address of the video you want to show on the page. Do not use the 'embed' code from the YouTube site.
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