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Wado-Wiki / Wadopedia

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i had an idea of creating a Wado-Wiki.
Yes, there is a Wadopedia inside this forum.

But my idea was to create a Wiki (basend on the Software of Wikipedia) where we could put together all relevant Information about Wado-Ryu.

My idea was
  • using the same software as wikipedia and i would hosting and paying it
  • everyone could edit the articles
  • it would be focussed on wado-ryu-specific topics and views
  • we could collect the knowledge from all forum-members
  • it could be useful to collect information about underlying principles that are not so obivious
Many things are already on Wikipedia, but sometimes on wikipedia there is edit-war, or some information about karate may be shotokan-centric.

There are some things in Wado-Ryu, that is different from other Karate-Styles and something are not so easy to understand.
For Example, i have learned, in Kihon Gumite both persons should be ready to attack and both are offensive.
So the meaning of torimi and ukemi is not so clear for beginners.

Offcourse, you can only learn Wadoryu by training and not from the Internet.
But some theoretical information could be learned online, when the person have trained a few years and has a basic understanding of the techniques and principles.

So my idea is not, that anybody could learn Wadoryu online, but rather a online-reference, where you find all informations about principles (like San mi Ittai, Noru, Nagasu, Inasu, Mudana Chikara/Dosa/Waza and so on).

The Wikipedia has in the english and the german-version an article about oi-zuki, but not about junzuki.
It even says, oi-zuki is the same as jun-zuki in wado-ryu (as i understand, there are some differences).

So in our Wiki, there could be an article about jun-zuki (just as an example for a wado-specific topic).

There could also articles about Wado-Ryu-Masters, about the history (including details of all the splits of organisations that happenend) and so on.

If you think, this is unnecessary and a waste of time, just tell me.

Alexander Moshe
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Re: Wado-Wiki / Wadopedia

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Thank you for sharing.