Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by wadoka »

Dear Rachel

Thank you so much for taking the time to come onto this forum and posting your message, especially during this period. It is a sad loss and he will be missed here.

He always made time for me and I had hoped one day we would share a glass of red down under. I will follow up on his recommendations in his memory.


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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by stones17 »

Hi Rachel. I hope this message finds you.

I'm so sorry to hear about Reg. I've only just found out about his passing, so I'm sorry that I'm so late with this message.

Reg was instrumental in my early life over here in Bristol. He taught both my Mum and Dad to drive in the 60's, which is how my family came to know him. He got my Mum Janice a job, after she tried to return work in the very early 70's after bringing up my sister and I. This was via Keith Perry who bought your Dad's car sales business in West Street. We also at this time had a lovely friendship with Mr Jan Coles (Green belt) who had the Sign Writing business above the Car sales and who was a good friend of your Dad and Fred.

In around 1968, I was a young shy boy who was a lot smaller than the rest of my class mates, so bullying ensued. One of my parents mentioned this to Reg, who took me to the Dockland Settlement where I did Judo taught by John Clarke ( another brilliant chap). Around 1971/2, I moved up to the class that Reg taught with the 'Naughty' boys whom he worked with at the the Reform School. Both Judo and the 'naughty boys' class mean't Reg decided to take me back to the Dockland Settlement and the big Class run by Reg, Phil, Fred and George Grimes ( Robert was still just a member of the class being quite young).

It made a difference to my life as I learn't confidence, strength and the realisation that I could fight back. I had to stop training due to a leg operation but my love of learning positive defence spurred me on to take up boxing when I recovered which I loved and continue with till this day.

Sadly my Dad died in the September before Reg passed. A sad thing about getting older is that the people you love and respect end up leaving us but good, happy and positive memories always remain.

Reg helped me, a small, shy and scared kid to grow up to be a confident and positive chap who just as importantly had the knowledge and physical strength to stand up for myself and take no 'proverbial' from any one who subsequently tried it on with me in an unreasonable manner.

I offer heart felt condolences to you and all of the Kear family and I will fondly remember a man who was kind, supportive and dryly humorous.

Thanks Reg, you were extremely positive and I might say pivotal, in my life development.

Best wishes Rachel, to you and yours.

Simon Davis

Bristol, UK.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by frankareyes »

My deepest condolence to his family and students. Will miss his articles.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by Wado heretic »

This news completely passed me by; I am sorry to read it, and though rather late also offer my condolences.

I must admit that Mr Kear and I rarely agreed on anything in the time I posted on here, and he was still alive. I also never got to meet him, but he did influence my decision regarding my path in Karate, and I am thankful for the time he took out to share his knowledge and experience. If anything, his words are what started me down the path of looking for the forest, instead of focusing on the tree and missing it.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by andyb28 »

I just recently returned to the forum after a long spell off it. This is terribly sad news and a great loss to the forum and the world of traditional wado ryu karate.

My thoughts go to Reg' family.

Reg often helped me on this forum, he would write replies to my topics that my inexperience didn't allow me to comprehend at the time. I hope they are here forever, so that I can return to the posts later in life to see if the pearls are there for me.

Andy Booth
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