Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

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Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by wadoka »

Unfortunately I found out via Facebook the sad news that Reg Kear has passed away.

Rest in peace.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by yabumi »

It is with a very heavy heart that I bring news of Reg's passing late yesterday.
He will be sadly missed by his family, his friends and his many students.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by shep »

My condolences to his family and friends. I never got to meet Reg, never got to train with him. That is certainly my loss. But through this forum he has certainly helped me on my Wado journey through his words of wisdom both in posts and on ocassions private messages. He was a wordsmith and my Dictionary and Theasourus never had so many outings. I will greatly miss him. RIP Reg.

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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by omote »

Please accept our most sincere condolences to Reg's family and students from the Wado family in Florida.

His intellect and contributions to the Wado world can not be replaced.


Jay Boatright
Jay Boatright
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by Gusei21 »

(I am reposting this from the Naihanchi thread - if you want to put it in context).

Reg and I started this thread (Naihanchi) because he felt it was a topic worthy of discussion.
Now that he is gone I have mixed feelings about proceeding any further but I think I owe it to him to at least complete our collective thoughts on this subject matter.

It may come as no surprise to many of you that we corresponded prior to and after posting pretty much anything on this board.
I know where he was going with this topic. It was his unique perspective. Mine is a bit different. So based upon my current experience I would never see the connection to Baghua like he did. Reg did Tai Chi. Reg knew acupuncture. He could see things from that perspective unlike me who only read about Chinese martial arts.

So I think I will take a few days and come up with the gist of where we were going with this subject and leave it at that. I think this is the best thing I can do to honor his memory. After that I think I will be done posting here for a while. I was mostly here only at his urging. Reg had a beautifully profound voice that benefited the greater Wado community. One time I asked him why he wrote in such an overly complicated fashion. He said that he wanted people to work for the answers, even in print. He wanted them to read and reread his passages several times in order to gain clarity.

I told him I thought it wasn't such a good idea because half of this audience were not native English speakers and they would not have the patience to follow his thinking process. I found that at times I had to reread his stuff several times to comprehend what he was trying to say and I understood the subject! But everyone has their own style and this was Reg.

So in the next few days I will finish our thoughts on this subject just to bring temporary closure to this subject matter. I think it is rather appropriate because in our opinion all the 'goods' are in the Naihanchi kata if only you know how to look and Reg Kear knew.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by aastepper »

My condolences to Kear Sensei's family, students and friends. I also exchanged 3 or 4 emails a week with him and he took the time to help me with Naihanchi kata via the internet as well as helping me to "fill in the dots" regarding Wado Ryu in general. I am 7 days into the 10 day renshu he set for me recently. Another great Wado Ryu Sensei lost but he will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by claas »

Going to miss those texts.

Rest in peace.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by Shuyakan »

It is with great sadness and an enormous sense of loss on the passing of my sensei Reg Kear.

I have been his student for 35 or my 45 years in Wado. He has been my inspiration and my guide throughout all this time.

I have lost track of the hours spent training in the dojo under his guidance. We also spent many hours over a cup tea seated in his kitchen discussing all aspects of Wado and life itself.

I count myself privileged to have known Reg. As well as being my Sensei we were also friends, however the lines were never crossed.

Thank you Sensei for everything and for your friendship.

Rest in peace
Tony Moore
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by shtook »

Kear sensei's words provided added quality to my wado-journey. His articles and posts are places to come back to when practice has given a new perspective. I am sure I will keep returning to what he wrote. Thank you.
My condolences to Reg Kears family, friends and students.
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Re: Sad news on the passing of Reg Kear

Post by oneya »

I am Reg's daughter, Rachel. I wanted to write and express our sincerest gratitude for your wonderful messages of condolence and support over the last two weeks. They are very gratefully received. It has been a great comfort to know how greatly respected and valued he was by so many around the world.
It was a great shock to us all, and I in particular felt great sympathy for his many friends and colleagues in Wado, many of whom conversed and debated the finer points of technique and philosophy with him here on this forum. I know he thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and valued greatly the friendships he formed here.
Dad always wanted those he met and those he taught martial arts to search for the best that was in them, and to use that to inspire others. He was a leader, he was a teacher and he sought to be a signpost to help others to find their way. Please go forward in his memory, and lead and teach and inspire as he did, with the best that's in you.

With very best wishes for your future training and Wado practice.

Rachel Kear.
Reg Kear.
Wado Kokusai San no Ya.