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Sosuishi-Ryu Seminar

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:37 pm
by Gary

Steve Delaney will be returning briefly from Japan to conduct a seminar in Sosuishi-ryu at the K2 leisure centre Crawley on the 17th May. ... k2+crawley

Sosuishi-ryu is a comprehensive Koryu Bujutsu dating from 1650 training armed and unarmed close quarter combat as well as the Japanese samurai sword.

Steve is one of the seniors at the Seirenkan Dōjō in Tokyo training under the auspices of Usuki Yoshihiko Munetaka Shihan.

This is an extraordinarily rare Koryu and spaces on the seminar will be limited, but if you are genuinely interested let me know by PM or email.