Manchester - Uchida sensei training date

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Manchester - Uchida sensei training date

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Uchida Nobuhiro 6th Dan JKF Wadokai and a member of Takagi sensei's dojo, will be visiting England in August.

We are arranging a special training session with him in Manchester on Saturday 10th August, open to all interested Wadoryu karateka.

Uchida sensei is a regular in the Takagi dojo and has trained with him for over 20 years, so as you would expect, he has nice sharp technique. I am sure anyone planning to take a Dan grade test on the forthcoming September JKF Wadokai course will benefit from this training opportunity. Equally, anyone wanting to experience the training methods used in Takagi sensei's dojo will enjoy this session.

Please email me if you would like to attend and I will provide further details and confirmation.


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