New Wado Kata Bunkai Book

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Re: New Wado Kata Bunkai Book

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I got an email asking why I don't teach any bunkai...

Let me just explain how I teach kata.
The condensed version.

First i teach the pattern.
As I teach the pattern I teach the bunkai for each movement (yes, I do!!).
All of this is the omote stuff meaning what you see is what you get. The so called bunkai is not sophisticated. It is a guide to help the novice understand what the

Then once they figure out which direction to move we start to work on the finer body movement within the kata to help us with speed and power generation.

That takes a few years.
Finer movements also include teaching the more obvious internal cross body connections.

As we work the body we also do kaisetsu work meaning the student has to learn how to make the techniques within the kata to work for him within a martial context.

All of this is an iterative process once you learn the initial form and omote bunkai.

Learn the form.
Learn the 'bunkai' (omote version)

Until you retire from karate :
Learn the internal body movements.
Learn how to move efficiently.
Work the body.

That's just what I do. Others might have a better way. I am open to suggestions.
Bob Nash